TYE 2018 Schedule

Date Activity Detailed Description
04-Mar-18   THINK Intro to the Program, what is entrepreneurship, the process of idea generation, conceptualizing ideas from life experiences; Ideation/Thought case-study/exercise
11-Mar-18 PLAN Once you have an idea, where do you start, what is the product/service, what is the market, what are the steps you have to take, how do you plan; Design/Prototyping case-study/ exercise
18-Mar-18 SELL How do you sell your idea to your partners, to investors, to customers, sales channels, dos and don’ts, effective communication, need for passion in entrepreneurship; Sales case-study/ exercise
25-Mar-18 MAKE How do you make a product, deliver a service, manufacturing, supply chains, business operations; Operations case-study/ exercise
01-Apr-18 CHECK The business of money, what does it take to bring ideas to fruition, how do you get the money, debt vs equity financing, valuation; Business financials – Revenues, costs, profits; Keeping books; Finances case-study/exercise
08-Apr-18 WIN Structuring the business, legalities, corporate governance, ethics in business, social responsibility, what is success – wealth creation, leadership, impact
15-Apr-18 WORKSHOP 1  
22-Apr-18 WORKSHOP 2  
28-Apr-18 WORKSHOP 3  
06-May-18 FINAL PRESENTATION Grand Finale & Presentation to the Judges


The 2018 TYE Global Business Plan Competition is scheduled for Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23 in Arlington, Virginia.